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The idea

"Elements" is a concert by Pawel Pudlo which has become the basis of the project of the same title combining music, art, and environmental education. The idea behind the creation of the "Elements" project was the observation of the changing world today. It is undeniable for all of us that it is essential to solve the problems related to the impact of people on the world around us, e.g., the problem of smog or a pervasive plague of plastic garbage. The latter issue may be one of the biggest challenges that we, as humanity, will have to face in the foreseeable future. In 2018, islands of plastic garbage floated in the oceans, and the largest of them had an area three times greater than the territory of France.

Elements – Pawel Pudlo. Concert. Premiere. Sudeten Philharmonic.

"Elements" is an artistic and educational platform which aims to stimulate environmental awareness and responsibility of each member of the society for the future of the Earth.

Elements – Ksiaz Castle. Education. Castle

The premiere of the project, which was attended by about 1,000 people, was held in Walbrzych (Poland), on 5-8 December 2018. Spaces for the project included five locations throughout the entire city: the Sudeten Philharmonic Concert Hall, the Pod Atlantami Library, Porcelain Museum, and the Orzeł Biały State Primary School. Within the framework of the "Elements" project, between 5 and 7 December 2018, lectures and educational workshops were conducted on ecological issues that were addressed to almost 500 students from eight Wałbrzych schools (from kindergarten classes to the high school youth).

Elements – Ksiaz Castle. Education. University of Wrocław

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