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A one-hour symphonic poem of "Elements" is a story about the forces of nature which have formed the world around us for centuries. The symbolism of the elements was used because of its universal recognition, a simple association with natural life and the possibility of metaphorical and artistic expression of the processes occurring in the environment.

Elements – Concert. Rehearsals. Anna Osowska-Kud. Solo violin

In its symbolism, the work refers to natural elements (earth, water, air, fire, Chinese metal and wood and Japanese abyss). Nowadays, it is becoming more and more obvious that the classical elements have been joined by a new one - humanity, drawing handfuls of Earth's resources for their own needs. "Elements" tell a story about the struggle between the creative and destructive forces, about how people try to tame nature, and the fact that it does not always obediently submit to human actions.

Elements – Concert. Rehearsals. String section. Recycling

The combination of classic ideas and contemporary reality reflects the use of both the great symphony orchestra, ethnic instruments from Africa and Asia and modern electronic instruments in the composition, but also those built with garbage – disposable, plastic bottles and packaging and drums of washing machines. The text layer is sung in Swahili and Latin.

Elements – Concert. Rehearsals. Erhu. Wood trunk. Anvil Elements – Concert. Rehearsals. Recycled instruments. Plastic. Cans

"Elements" is also the story of humanity and human inventions - from the creation of the planet, through the appearance of man until the first rebellion of nature. Since the development of civilization, the maritime trade routes, the discovery of the New World, the issue of slavery, up to the first industrial revolution. From the invention of electricity, the first airplane flight, the development of industrial districts called technopolis, to flight into space and observing the planet from its orbit. Since the development of computerization, development of artificial intelligence, unmanned aircraft, to the minimum step into the future where, in the delight of our creativity and seemingly unlimited possibilities of technology, we do not notice that mountains of waste are growing all around us. Our invention is also plastic without which it is hard for us to imagine our everyday life. There is still time for people to get to the heights of their creation - this time inventing a way to recycle plastic in a safe way and to create a material that will replace it, and it will be safe for both our planet and ourselves.

Elements – Concert. Rehearsals. String section Elements – Concert. Rehearsals. Recycled instruments. Black sun. Upcycling

„Elements” symphony - titles of parts

  1. The Rock
  2. The Tribe
  3. Earthquake
  4. Ocean Surface
  5. From the Sky
  6. Abyss
  7. Industrial Revolution
  8. Volt
  9. Dome of the World
  10. Technopolis
  11. Equilibrium
  12. Random Access Memory
  13. Artificial Mind
  14. Swarm of Drones
  15. In Flames

Premiere of the concert

On December 8, 2018, at 6:00 PM, at the Sudeten Philharmonic Concert Hall in Wałbrzych, the premiere of the symphonic poem by Pawel Pudlo called "Elements" was held. On stage, in addition to standard symphonic instruments, the audience which arrived in droves could see and hear natural instruments (tree trunk) or recycling instruments made of washing machine metal drums. The orchestra played the selected recycled plastic bottles which were collected for a year for this specific occasion. The concert is both the conclusion of the entire project, as well as its focal point.

Elements – Premiere. Poster

Reviews of the "Elements" concert

Can you play the bottles of yogurt and milk, aluminum cans, old anvil, and a tree trunk along with a symphony orchestra at the concert hall [...] and then receive a standing ovation? Yes, you can - so it was at the Sudeten Philharmonic Concert Hall!

Thrilling, varied in color music with its agenda embedded in a valid environmental objection. More than one-hour-long poem touched the Wałbrzych audience. Attentive, focused and pulled into a musical fabric, the listeners awarded the composer with a spontaneous ovation. The work, which was commented upon after the concert, was praised for emotional intensity, cinematographic impressions, surprising use of the performing medium [...] it is great when the musicians of the orchestra together with the audience succumb to universal fascination with a new work which goes beyond the classical repertoire and meets the expectations of both the performers and the audience.Sudeten Philharmonic

Elements – Premiere. Concert hall. Audience

Performers of the world premiere
Sudeten Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra

Bartosz Żurakowski
Violins 1
Anna Osowska-Kud (concertmaster, solo), Dorota Graca, Magdalena Ksiądzyna, Lucyna Sarnicka, Renata Pawelec, Helena Rup, Patrycja Swoboda, Anna Hajok, Inessa Chychyla, Marta Łobos
Violins 2
Grzegorz Kuzioła, Jolanta Tulińska, Magdalena Wawrzkowicz, Włodzimierz Brzeziński, Dorota Chudy, Elżbieta Kędzia, Bożena Łebkowska
Zofia Kowalczyk, Andrzej Bednarczyk, Jerzy Birula, Andrzej Delegiewicz, Agnieszka Szlędak, Kamila Barteczko
Wojciech Kud (solo), Marzena Drzymała, Maria Sęk, Elżbieta Lechowska, Bartosz Wawrzkowicz, Barbara Kobiela, Anna Ruszkowska
Double basses
Tomasz Borski, Maja Mytlewska, Przemysław Mielczarek
Sylwia Waindok, Elżbieta Hołowiak-Ziółek
Ilona Hlubek-Długołęcka, Cezary Futyma
Szymon Fortuna, Jarosław Janik
Robert Błaszczyk, Barbara Palczak
Grzegorz Mondry, Anna Mondry, Dariusz Zambrowski, Anna Sunita
Paweł Tuliński, Bogusław Rup
Dariusz Piechowiak, Jakub Klepczyński, Piotr Stefanik
Zbigniew Bajek
Ethnic, recycled percussion and special instruments
Kamil Rogiński
Marek Długołęcki, Jerzy Dudziak, Kamila Pawlik, Jagoda Wojtylak
Grand piano
Kamil Piotr Grabowski
Elements – Premiere. Conductor. Bartosz Żurakowski Elements – Premiere. Symphonic orchestra. String section. Grand piano. Horns Elements – Premiere. Symphony orchestra. Viola section Elements – Premiere. Symphony orchestra. Cello section. Plastic bottles. Recycling Elements – Premiere. Symphony orchestra. Cellos. Double basses. Trombones. Trumpets. Tuba Elements – Premiere. Symphony orchestra. End of the concert. Audience. Pawel Pudlo

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