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Posters and other materials promoting the project shows an unusual bas-relief by Paweł Stępień. The work, in a symbolic way, reflects the character of Mother Earth observing the actions of mankind with certain patience. The artist made the sculpture by hand, in conventional techniques in wood, painted with the lacquer.

Elements - Sculpture. Paweł Stępień. Sculptor. Sculpting process Elements - Sculpture. Paweł Stępień. Sculptor. Sculpting process

An integral part of the work is a built-in lighting. Electronically controlled, it allows the selection of the appropriate color for both the sculpture and background around it. In the case of the project premiere, it was blue - the color of the water element. It was presented in the foyer of the Sudeten Philharmonic Concert Hall on the premiere day of the "Elements" concert. This is another cooperation between Pawel Pudlo and Paweł Stępień.

Elements - Sculpture. Paweł Stępień. Pawel Pudlo. Concert premiere Elements - Sculpture. Promo materials. Billboard. Street Elements - Sculpture. Promo materials. Citylight. Bus stop

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